Urban Wildlife Series

Based on our Hidden Lives of the Colombo Wetlands map, this series highlights 62 (out of 250!) species that call Colombo home. Every two weeks the Urban Fishing Cat team features a specific species on their social media accounts – there is a quiz, followed by an informative blog post full of the most fascinating facts about the species of the week.

The goal of this series is to get the public to appreciate the diversity within Colombo’s urban landscapes.

The Hidden Lives of the Colombo Wetlands maps are also for sale! Each map is LKR 500/- and is huge (59.4 x 84.1cm). The front depicts 62 of the city’s amazing species (fishing cat very much included!). While the back gives some unusual information about each species.

They were designed by our good friend Zev Landes of the @parrotfishcollective. And funded by the @undpsrilanka GEF grant.

All proceeds will go into making Sinhala and Tamil translations, and printing more maps which will be distributed to schools.

Interested in buying your very own map? Drop us a message!