Make a Donation

SCAR is an independent organisation which relies on the generosity of donors. By donating to us, you directly contribute towards the conservation of Sri Lanka’s small wild cats and small mammals.

Since we have very few overhead costs (like office rent, utility bills etc – our teams work remotely) our expenses are low. This allows us to focus on covering costs brought on by our conservation efforts, research equipment, and education and awareness programs.

Your generous donation will also help us expand our team, enabling us to carry out our work throughout the country.

Wild Oasis, a sanctuary that provides a safe haven to small wild cats that have been rescued or have special needs, acts as our registered non-profit in the USA, and will send 100% of your donation directly to SCAR and it’s projects. Wild Oasis, is a US 501c3 (#46-1024809) non-profit organisation. All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of United States law.

Support our work by donating to a specific project.

You can also support our general fund which will help us expand our efforts in the country.

Online Donations

This is the easiest way to donate to our cause! It also has the option of making one-time or monthly donations.

Bank / Wire Transfer

If this method is easier for you, drop us a message for the bank / wire transfer instructions.