Become a SCAR

We provide organisational support and a home for conservationists who have exceptional small cat conservation projects.


Volunteer on any one of our projects, to gain first hand knowledge on small cat conservation and practical field skills.


Did you know that reporting small cat sightings – whether it be a call, foot prints or even roadkill – can help our conservation efforts?

Become a SCAR

SCAR supports people who have a passion for small wild cat conservation. We take on committed conservationists who need a home body and organisational support to carry out their work. By becoming a conservationist at SCAR, you will join a join a team dedicated to the conservation of small wild cats in Sri Lanka, who are strong believers in collaboration and supporting one another towards a common goal.

As a SCAR conservationist, you will:

  • Create strong working relationships with renowned scientists in the field of small wild cat conservation
  • Gain access to international funders
  • Present your work and conservation message at SCAR awareness programmes, website, and social media platforms

To become a SCAR conservationist, you will need to:

  • Have a project that has strong small wild cat conservation objectives, including education and community involvement
  • Be willing to collaborate with the rest of the SCAR team and other organisations
  • Have the ability to work independently when needed
  • Bring in your own funding (SCAR will assist you in submitting grants for funding opportunities)
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We are looking for dedicated people who will help us reach our goals. Volunteers need to be committed to the work they sign up for and complete the tasks given to them. Potential volunteers should:

  • Be over the age of 18 or have written parental consent
  • Have an understanding of the projects that they choose to volunteer for
  • Have an understanding of the target species, its habitats and threats
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Did you know, that recording small wild cat sightings or presence can help us conserve them? Participate in our citizen science program and work with us to understand the distribution of small wild cats in Sri Lanka!

All you have to do is get on to upload your photograph (it could be small wild cat you saw on safari, outside your house, or even roadkill), mark your location, add some additional information (your name and contact details incase we need to get more information) and submit! It’s that simple.

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There are many ways in which you can help us reach our conservation goals

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