SCAR Conservationist

SCAR is offering opportunities to biologists interested in conducting research (with a strong conservation output) on Sri Lanka’s small wild cats and lesser-known species. As a SCAR conservationists you will also create strong working relationships with renowned scientists in the field of small wild cat and small mammal conservation, gain access to international funders, and have your work and conservation message presented on a local and international scale at SCAR awareness programmes, website, and social media platforms.

All applicants must have a good academic record, hold at least BSc, be over the age of 21, and have a strong passion for working in wildlife ecology, urban ecology, habitat management, or human-wildlife conflict.

Applicants should also be able to obtain their own funding in order to complete all aspects of their field research.

Project Proposal Outline

Project description (maximum 500 words)
Briefly explain your research area, study site, the problems you seek to address, and how your work will contribute to the conservation of your target species and/or habitat.

Methods (maximum 500 words)
Briefly explain the methods you intend on using. For example animal trapping, the collection of biological material, camera trapping, social surveys etc.

Expected project start date
Please use the following format: dd/mm/yyyy

Expected project end date
Please use the following format: dd/mm/yyyy

Please include rough estimates for costs. For example: 20 camera traps @ 100 USD/unit.