Sri Lanka’s Lowland Tropical and Sub Montane Forests, with John Wilson

In light of World Rainforest Day 2021, Small Cat Advocacy and Research and John Wilson representing the Rainforest Protectors of Sri Lanka decided to have an open discussion about the lowland tropical and sub montane rainforests of our Island.

John is a passionate wildlife conservationist who began his career as a Protected Area (PA) specialist and field guide. The data he has collected while travelling the island has been a valuable contribution to preserving and sustainably utilising these wilderness lands. John is also an executive member of Reforest Sri Lanka and Director at Rainforest Rescue International.

During this detailed discussion we cover the following topics:

  1. The history and background of lowland tropical and sub montane rainforests of Sri Lanka.
  2. PAs that contain / are constituted of lowland tropical rainforests and sub montane forests.
  3. Rainforest flora and fauna (behaviour, ecology, endemic species and contiguous vegetation types).
  4. Threat’s these rainforests face.
  5. Parliamentary legislation, national policies, government circulars and the overall institutional framework of Sri Lanka (GoSL) , associated with lowland tropical rainforests and sub montane forests of Sri Lanka.

So let’s dive deep into into learning about these rich ecosystems teeming with life and find out what we can do to preserve them for the future!

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