The Sri Lankan Jackal Project: Chandika Jayaratne

Chandika Jayaratne – wildlife conservationist/researcher and field guide, talks about research he has begun on the only wild canid on our island – The Sri Lankan jackal (Canis aureus naria). Jackals are mysterious and one of the least studied species in the country, and they are surrounded by interesting folklore, and much has yet to be discovered and learned about their behavior and distribution.

Chandika has always had a love for wildlife and his journey began at a young age by watching wildlife documentaries. He completed his LLB (Hons) Degree from the Staffordshire University in the UK and pursued a career within the sector of hospitality and environmental stewardship gaining over six years of experience in wildlife tourism. 

His wildlife research career began while studying captive rusty-spotted cats at the Dehiwala Zoological Gardens, which inspired him to begin his own study. After having a discussion with Dr. Sampath Seneviratne he decided to focus his work on the  Sri Lankan jackal as there is much to learn about them, especially since their numbers are likely reducing and they are absolutely vital to the ecosystem.

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