World Migratory Bird Day, 2021

A day to raise awareness about the importance of migratory birds and calls for their global conservation through international cooperation. It is celebrated twice a year and this year it will be held on 8 May and 9 October.

Migrant birds travel great distances across the globe from cold to warmer regions and this is a natural phenomenon. They do this due to their inability to survive cold conditions and this along with a shortage of food and other reasons is what drives them to find locations like our tropical island with its ideal climate, habitats and natural resources to rest, breed and wait out the winter.

They migrate in flocks of hundreds and swarm the shores of our tropical island, filling our forests with their incredible colours and melodious songs. This season of feathery abundance starts in the late weeks of September and continues through April, bringing over 200 migrant species of birds to our home. In this post, we have included a few of these spectacular travellers; the colourful Indian Pitta, the vibrant Blue tailed Bee-eater, the loquacious Rosy starling and the stylish Brown shrike, last but not least, the elegant White-winged tern.

This year’s theme is “Sing, Fly, Soar – Like a bird!”. Let us all appreciate our feathered friends by listening to, watching and thanking them for their strong connection to nature and the important ecosystem roles they play. Although we are an organization that works with small cats and small mammals, we also appreciate the abundance of bird life present on this island. Together we can share our knowledge and passion to conserve these creatures, some of which are in serious decline and take actions to ensure a better future for them.

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